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Every year, on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, where the achievements of women in different fields are highlighted. Every day, women continue to play a crucial role in society, the economy, culture, and politics, while breaking barriers and defying expectations along the way.

As they attain success in their chosen fields, women are also able to inspire and empower other women to follow in their footsteps. So on this special day, WorkWise Asia asked some professionals about the women role models and influential figures that they had growing up and how they inspired their lives and careers. 

Buona Villar, Finance Professional: “I am fortunate to have been surrounded by strong, capable women my whole life. One of the many women that I admire is my mom-in-law, for her practical, no-nonsense outlook. I saw this not only in how she’s decisive in business but in how she runs the household. She’s the type who’ll immediately fix things when something is broken, and she inspires me to have that same problem-solving attitude.”

Lora Ledesma-Domingo, Artist and Financial Consultant: “The women that’s influenced my life and career the most are my mom, my grandmother, and my sisters. Their support provides me great encouragement. My relationship with then allows me to learn and grow better at life. And best of all, their love is what nurtured me to who I am today.”

Ailee Canlas, full-time Graduate Student: “I’d love to give a unique answer but the most influential woman in my life is still my mom. Growing up, I admired how she was successful and respected at work but never at the expense of prioritizing her family. I’ll never forget how she was always there for me even if my concerns were small and how she managed to recite the right quotes to help me rise above any obstacle. I grew up without having to look any further to be inspired by an empowered woman at work and at home. Even though I eventually followed my own dreams, I still look up to my mom who once told me, “You are my daughter and so there is nothing you can’t surpass.” Thinking of her daily strength for the family and how far she has come from Tondo, I know she’s telling me that I have what it takes.”

Rye Antonio, TV Story Editor: “I have had many inspirational seniors in the workplace who have motivated me to keep giving my best effort despite the nuanced challenges faced by working women, but if I could choose someone close to my heart it would be my mother. Her dedicated work ethic and tagline “Integrity beyond reproach” is something I took to heart growing up. She may have been coming from the perspective of someone in the banking industry, but I feel grounded when I remember her advice as I build my career in the media industry.”

Rebekah Canicosa, Early Childhood/SpEd Teacher: “My mom is my biggest inspiration. She has always been a great mix of a thinker and a doer – a woman who puts her faith into action. I’ve witnessed how she would always seek opportunities and help the lost and needy without getting recognition from anyone, earnestly doing things for God’s eyes only. Growing up with her made me develop the drive to be of service to others and the heart that seeks God’s approval more than men’s.”

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