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In a previous episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network, organizational leader and coach Frances Acu mentioned that everyone is a leader in their own way and can lead, influence, and make an impact in other people’s lives. However, leaders also need other leaders, and coaches also need other coaches who have come before them and have already gone through experiences that they are yet to learn. 

In another episode on servant leadership, Acu states that everyone needs a mentor and that not all leadership styles are effective. In every leadership journey, leaders have likely used a combination of different leadership styles. As mentioned before, servant leadership is one of the best leadership styles that leaders can use, and modeling is one of the best ways to lead and influence others because we lead others the same way that we are led. 

But when it comes to modeling servant leadership, Acu says that the best mentor and role model for servant leadership is still Jesus. In Matthew 20, Jesus stated that “Whoever wants to become great must first be your servant,” and He also modeled what servant leadership looks like. In John 13, Jesus washed His disciples’ feet, which is servant leadership in action. 

Throughout the Bible, it is clear that Jesus was patient in His teachings, generous in His healings, authentic with His inspiration, miraculous in His provisions, and powerful in His giving of life. Jesus is a great role model of servant leadership because He was constantly serving and loving others. The Bible shows Jesus as a lot of things – Creator, Father, Provider, and more. But He could also be a leader, and having Jesus as a role model is still relevant today, and His leadership still is still a shining example that is still being used by leaders in the present.

In the end, Acu states that the influence that we receive and give can either be positive or negative. Unless we have a model to follow, we can make up our own interpretations along the way. But when we have Jesus as our role model, it helps us to follow the truth, and not just our version or someone else’s version of the truth. True servant leadership is leading the way Jesus did many years ago, which is an example that every leader can model and learn from. 

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