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When people hear the word ‘summer,’ it usually brings to mind vacations in scenic places like a beach, an island, or a mountain. Summer is typically a time when people have a chance to bond with their families and friends, enjoy nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Others, meanwhile, spend their summers to visit cities in other countries to see new places and experience different cultures. 

For many professionals, summer is also a time to take a break from the grind of work, go on a vacation, and unwind. This is also a time when professionals use their vacation leaves, book plane tickets with their family or friends, or spend their earnings to take much-deserved breaks. With the country in the midst of the summer season, WorkWise Asia asked a few professionals working in different industries about their dream summer destinations: 

– Randy Franco, 31, Billing and Collection Officer: “Batanes [is my dream summer destination.] I’ve only seen glimpses of it whenever we would pass by it during my travels. I’ve seen posts of it on social media and it’s a beautiful island, and it’s isolated.”

– Shannen Cali, 27, Church Worker: “Japan [is my dream summer destination] because I want to learn more about their culture and beliefs, I want to experience high quality innovation, and I want to try Japanese cuisine.”

– Rose Ann Macatangay, 27, Elementary School Teacher: ”Palawan [is my dream summer destination]. I want to go there because it looks peaceful, calm, and relaxing. You have the chance to be with nature [once you’re there].”

– Gerrene Francisco, 26, Sales Assistant: “Boracay [is my dream summer destination because I’ve always wanted to see its world-famous white sand beach.”

– Ryan Aguilar, 42, Grab rider and factory worker: “Bohol [is my dream summer destination]. I want to go there because that’s where some of my relatives live and I want to visit them and because I’ve never been there before.

– Rebekah Canicosa, 27, Preschool Teacher: “Germany [is my dream summer destination] because I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and I have an aunt who lives there. She always visits us here, but I’ve never had the chance to visit her there.”

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