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What does it really mean to serve? According to Ms. Gretch Oreña Eldridge, “Customer Service is an interactive process between the service giver and the customer, the purpose of which is to identify and satisfy the need to generate and sustain goodwill.” 

In an episode of Breaktime Breakthrough on Plus Network, training and management consultant Mondo Castro unpacks this quote and shares the true meaning of the S in Customer Service. 

Companies around the world recognize the essence of providing excellent customer service. Well-mannered and sensitive interaction with a trained service representative can mean the difference between losing or retaining a customer.

It is also a must that there is a semblance of being consultative – customers say something and the service giver responds and vice-versa. Aside from the service giver’s knowledge about the product and great speaking skills, they should also have excellent listening skills and a willingness to talk through a resolution.

The purpose of the transaction is two-fold:

  1. Mutually Conclusive
  2. Happens Concurrently

The short-term goal is to identify and satisfy the needs of a customer. Concerns by the customers need to be handled with a sense of urgency. Nothing is more important than to accurately identify and effectively satisfy the needs of the other person. Meanwhile, the long-term goal is to create and nurture goodwill. Whilst in the short-term proceeding, creating the platform to “lead” the relationship towards altruism-that is goodwill.

We often charge headlong without satisfying the need without intentionally sifting through the noise and unearthing the highest need. This is the common cold of salespeople. The quota or the sales becomes more important than the customers and acquiring the highest need. Moreover, without accomplishing the short-term goal of identifying and satisfying the need, it is almost impossible to succeed in creating and nurturing goodwill.

As mentioned, the objective or the “purpose” of the transactional is two-fold, mutually inclusive, and happens concurrently. As we deal with others, it is of utmost importance that we purposely keep the symbiotic objectives in our hearts and our minds. Consistency in thought is key.

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