Getting Out of Debts – FUNDamentals

One of the biggest challenges that people face regarding their finances is getting out of debts, and it is something that requires commitment and making sacrifices. However, getting out of debt doesn’t only mean paying off a few bills. It also means understanding your behavior with money and changing money habits and shifting your priorities.  … Read more

Tips to Save Better – FUNDamentals

There’s a saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and the same could be said of saving. It can be a challenge for professionals to increase their savings because of their expenses. But according to Edric Mendoza, Registered Financial Planner and business anchor, there are three easy tips that … Read more

The Fundamentals of Saving

One of the challenges that professionals face when it comes to handling their finances is saving. Once they receive their salaries, it is difficult to set aside money for savings compared to spending it on food, clothes, utility bills, and their other expenses as well as their wants. This challenge takes on greater importance due … Read more

Money Changing Habits – Instilling Discipline

Once we start earning as professionals, the challenge will be minimizing our spending and maximizing our savings. But this is something that’s easier said than done, and the urge to buy things we don’t need is oftentimes hard to resist. This is why is it important to instill discipline in our spending. According to Edric … Read more

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