Staying healthy while reaching our dreams and goals – Plus Talks with Alexandra Faith Garcia

Beauty queen, triathlete, and health advocate Ms. Alexandra Faith Garcia talked about the importance of being healthy to reach our dreams and goals in an episode of Plus Talks on Plus Network

What challenges do employees face in a hybrid setup? – Breaktime Breakthroughs

But as with other types of working setup, leading and being a part of a hybrid team is not without its challenges, which Bryl Zenarosa discussed in an episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network.

How I can communicate effectively in the workplace? – Breaktime Breakthrough

In an episode of Breaktime Breakthrough on PLUS Network, trainer, speaker, and content creator Doreen Cooper talked about how we can effectively communicate with our colleagues

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: Professionals on their goals and lessons learned – WorkWise Asks

As a result, 2021 offered unique challenges as well as opportunities to working professionals from different industries. At the start of 2022, WorkWise Asia asked some of them about the important lessons they learned from their jobs in the past year as well as their goals for the coming year.

5 Steps to Declutter Your Inbox |

5 Steps to Declutter Your Inbox

We all know how important it is to declutter your things. There’s an entire movement surrounding the topic. Just look at the Marie Kondo phenomenon. Decluttering your physical space is decluttering your mind, but we often forget the space in between: the digital space. For most jobs these days, email is an essential tool. We … Read more

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