Staying healthy while reaching our dreams and goals – Plus Talks with Alexandra Faith Garcia

The Roman poet Virgil once said that “health is wealth,” and this saying is still very much applicable to this day. From then until now, health should be on top of our priorities. If we are healthy, we can accomplish a lot of things. Beauty queen, triathlete, and health advocate Ms. Alexandra Faith Garcia talked about the importance of being healthy to reach our dreams and goals in an episode of Plus Talks on Plus Network.

As a beauty queen, her schedule is always full. Balancing her roles as a beauty queen, triathlete, and entrepreneur is a challenge. Health can be taken for granted when we’re busy. We have to put in mind that it is important to take care of ourselves despite our hectic schedules. Taking vitamins helped her to become the best version of herself every day. More so, having a positive mindset helped her reach her goals. When we are positive, we encourage ourselves and the people around us.

Ms. Garcia also talked about her journey to becoming Miss Aura International 2021. She joined Bb. Pilipinas last July 2021. She felt pressured by the thought that she wasn’t just representing herself and her city, but she was carrying the name of our country. Not to mention, she only had two months to prepare! Still, she was deemed ready to represent our country and was appointed Ms. Aura Philippines last September 2021. She felt blessed to be the first Filipina to join the pageant. She also shared how perfect the timing was because it was her last opportunity to enter a pageant due to age requirements. Fortunately, she won an international competition during her final year in the pageantry. She prayed for guidance as to what path she was going to take and the decisions she was going to make. She thought that this is a make-or-break situation because it will be her last chance to represent her country.

Ms. Garcia knew that there would be a lot of trials in her journey toward her dreams but this did not stop her. She prayed to God when faced with challenges and believed that God will not give her trials that she can’t overcome. These challenges strengthened her, especially since she travelled to Turkey alone to compete. She already set her mind to reaching her goal, which is to wear a crown. Having a crown means being able to help a lot of people. 

Once she won Ms. Aura International 2021, she was able to use her persona as an athlete and a health advocate to help others. One of her advocacies is sharing how to prevent kidney diseases and sharing the stories of dialysis patients. She was also appointed by Sec. William Dar of the Department of Agriculture as an Ambassadress for Food Security. She helps promote “Faith”, a program similar to her name that stands for “Food Always in the Home”. This program encourages the youth to plant and grow food in the comforts of their home. What a beautiful way to promote not just agriculture but also eating healthy and organic food! 

Challenges and trials may come our way. But just like Ms. Garcia, we must believe that God will use these experiences to help us become better and healthy people. For more inspiring stories, life lessons, and words of wisdom from industry leaders, watch PLUS Talks or visit PLUS Network on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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