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If you have been following advertising trends, you would be aware by now that 50 million Filipinos need to satisfy their digital media fix on a daily basis. If you have something to promote or a message to deliver and have not joined the digital media bandwagon yet, then you might be overtaken by your more progressive competitors who have started to use social media as a medium to attract talents.

The eyeballs are looking somewhere else.u00a0Your target audience has changed the way they seek and process data. They now have the worldwide web as a platform to navigate and find information about their potential employers. Approximately 60% or about 30 million of Filipinos who are online access the Internet via a mobile device. Availability and access to information are now just a click away.

Go where the eyeballs are.u00a0Filipinos are globally known to be one of the top users of social media. In fact, those with access to the Internet will most likely have Facebook, Skype, Twitter or a Viber account. Four hours of the day is spent updating oneu2019s profile, chatting, sharing or viewing photos and videos, and on reading shared articles. The sheer volume of users and traffic acquired by these platforms should not be ignored and the advertising technology provided must be used extensively.

Itu2019s about content.u00a0You will most likely receive at least 50 to 100 new stories or posts in a given day. You will ignore more than 50% of it, but you will click on the ones that tickle your interest or whatever is relevant to you at the moment. These highly engaging posts or ads have messages that are simple and direct to the point. The images used are attractive. The videos used are well-edited. Before you know it, you are now emotionally attached to the ad whose call-to-action button you unconsciously clicked on, and have become fully engaged on what the advertiser is asking you to do.

It may seem intimidating to do digital media or social media advertising because of the new tools and gadgets that you will need to learn to use. This was probably how the corporate advertising team felt when print became the new and must-use advertising channel. Those who chose to adapt had been able to quickly and effectively attract and acquire their desired audience – or talents.

Source: wearesocialsg; March 2015, Digital Media in the Philippines

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