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Along with these fast-changing times are innovations in our workplaces and in the way we live. Do you or someone you know have Metathesiophobia, or the fear of change?

We should learn to adapt with the changes around us because it is very important to our personal and professional journey. According to David Ulrich, an HR Guru and top business expert, u201cPeople will change when they see that the change will help them reach their goals.u201du00a0

Speaking of change, according to human resource executives and other leaders who gathered though CHREATE (The Global Consortium to Reimagine HR, Employment Alternatives, Talent, and the Enterprise), there are five identified fundamental forces driving change:

  1. Social and organizational reconfiguration. Organizations will become more transparent and flexible as they shift towards bigger power-balanced forms and project-based relationships. Talent will be involved on aligned purpose, not just economics. Networks and social and external collaborations will make leadership more horizontal, shared, and collective.
  2. All-inclusive global talent market. Boundary-less work beyond traditional full-time employment will be promoted through social policies. Work and worker segmentation enables increasingly differentiated policies, practices, work designs, pay, and benefits, and workers choose organizations based on the opinions of socially connected peers and opinion leaders.
  3. A truly connected world. Work is becoming virtual and occurs anywhere and anytime, through mobile personal devices with global real-time communications. Boundary-less work partnerships and networks augment capabilities and redefine careers, learning and workplace fairness and attractiveness.
  4. Exponential technology change. Smart devices, androids and robots, autonomous vehicles, commoditized sensors, artificial intelligence, and the internet is reshaping the work ecosystem. Thus, it is vital for flexible, distributed, and transient workforces adapt to rapid business reinvention.
  5. Human-automation collaboration. Analytics, algorithms, big data, and artificial intelligence are eliminating work previously done by humans while creating new work at the interface of humans and automation. Companies and their workers can use this as an opportunity to optimize their work processes rather than see this as a threat.

Change is definitely here. We must innovate ourselves to be able to go with the flow as we gear towards the future. With all the new things that you encounter every day, what comes to your mind when you hear the word u201cfutureu201d? What do you think the future holds for all of us? Do you see a clear sky or dark clouds? Is the grass still green? Can you still breathe fresh air?


We are in the age of everything instant. Instant coffee and noodles, breaking news, fast delivery services. At the click of a button, you can get almost everything delivered right to your door step. Gone are the days when you need to wait for a week to receive an important mail locally or overseas or fall in long lines to buy tickets to a movie or concert. We enjoy all these things because of our desire to change our ways for a better and more convenient living and working environment.

Talking about the future and innovations, have you heard about the report released by an international research center that the Philippines is in a strategic position to become a hub of innovation and human capital development for key sectors such as aerospace and automotive?

Karina Fernandez-Stark, senior research analyst at the Duke University Center on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness (Duke CGGC) said, u201cThe future looks bright for the Philippines. It is in the middle of the factory of Asia and has the market size as well as the cultural affinity with the Western world. (The Philippines) can be a very good location for being a hub of innovation and human capital development.u201d

The US-based group conducted five studies covering aerospace, automotive, chemicals, electronics and electrical, and paper, which were selected based on their potential for export earnings, employment creation, technology transfer, and value addition to raw materials. This is expected to help the government craft policies that will enable local firms to integrate in the global value chains.

Although this news is still a goal we have yet to reach, we should learn to appreciate little success because it could be the start of something big.

As a Filipino, if you are looking for something to celebrate about these days, you should be proud on how our journey is shaping up in our just claim for exclusive sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea after the United Nations (UN) Arbitral Tribunalu00a0 issued its decision last July 12, after several months of hearings and submission of documents, that the u201cnine-dash lineu201d claim of China over the disputed water is invalid and declared that the said sea areas are within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

When you hear stories like this, one canu2019t help but utter, u201cChange is here.u201d Let this moment inspire you to never be afraid of conquering herculean tasks or mountains of odds. Always remember that challenges are opportunities for us to innovate.

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