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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on the lives of professionals and has changed the way that they work. The closure of offices and workplaces has forced many to work remotely and has caused a shift in the way that workforces operate. On the other hand, those who continue to work in-person face the risk of exposure to the virus. Each work set-up has its own pros and cons, and some employers have chosen a combination of in-person and remote work for their employees. 

As a result, 2021 offered unique challenges as well as opportunities to working professionals from different industries. At the start of 2022, WorkWise Asia asked some of them about the important lessons they learned from their jobs in the past year as well as their goals for the coming year. 

What’s an important lesson in your work that you learned in 2021? 

JK Carandang, Social Media Producer: “Communication is key to a better workplace. Try to pitch as many ideas as possible and raise concerns if necessary.”

Rosalie Velasco, Asset Management Officer: “I learned not to stress myself over things I can’t control.”

Stephan Domingo, Associate Creative Director: We have a tendency to look for greener pastures. I know I’m guilty of always looking at LinkedIn offers. However, the past year taught me that staying put in your current company can reap rewards. I’ve learned to count my blessings, professionally. It’s learning to appreciate the relationships you have with your officemates, mentors, and clients. It’s knowing you’re still in a good place versus forcing to change your working environment.

Yana Callope,  E-Commerce Key Account Manager Philippines: “Last year, I learned to put my mental health above everything. The pandemic really tested us all and it severely affected my mental health. So I decided to quit my job. I was lucky I could do that. It was important for me to recognize that I needed to take a short break even if it meant pausing my professional life. I allowed myself to take the time to find a new job which would allow me to have a healthy work-life balance.”

What’s a goal that you want to achieve in your work for 2022? 

Jady Salonga, Assistant Manager for Training, BPO: “For this year, I am to jump to the next level. Ensure that we do not complain about how hard the job can get or how difficult the people we are dealing with, but look for ways to partner, strategize, and resolve.”

Paige Tabangcura, Customer Service Consultant: “My short-term goal is to stay in my company and celebrate my first year with them.”

Abby Guado, Hotel Hygiene Officer: “To become a better listener as an auditor, so I can help my auditees improve so they can perform their tasks more efficiently.”

Faye Gallego, Preschool Teacher: “This year 2022, I look forward to being more knowledgeable in handling students with special needs in an online setting. I would like to be able to help them reach their milestones despite the present challenges brought by the pandemic.

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