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On Valentine’s Day, WorkWise Asia asked some young professionals about the important lessons they learned about love and relationships over the years. Whether it’s working through conflicts, self-love, and the importance of communication, here’s what they had to say: 

– Christian Caerlang, Civil Engineer: “Biggest lesson learned about love is  that…. It is a commitment and open communication is a must. Tulad ng pagkakaroon mo ng quiet time sa Lord, ganun din sa partner mo para mapag-usapan ninyo yong mga bagay, negative man positive.”

– Ivan Dioso, Structural Engineer and Review Instructor: “The most important lesson that I learned about love is that, its not about how long we wait for the real one, it’s about God’s timing of when he will reveal the one. And during that waiting time, we must enjoy our time with ourselves and focus on self development and improvement so that we will be ready when we enter a relationship.”

– Hezekiah Cua, Writer: “Love is unconditional. You give it because you want to, not because you’re expecting to be loved back—if that happens, then you’re a lucky gambler.”

– JD Item: “Your mental and physical well-being factor in healthy relationships. If your body and mind is not in the right place, take a step back before engaging in losing arguments which could lead to an even worse fight. Self-love is a thing, too!”

– Katrina, Preschool Teacher: “Love is about giving and receiving, but beyond that, it’s about sacrifice.”

– Min Buenviaje, Marketing Manager: “I’m almost in my 30s but it took a while for me to learn that successful relationships does not mean the absence of conflicts. It’s about the desire and ability for both parties to work through it in a healthy way.”

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