Krish Dhanam: Authenticity and Sincerity in Sales

Many people have dreams, but not many have the courage to carry less than ten dollars in their pocket and travel all the way to the other side of the world in order to realize that dream. Krish Dhanam is one such man. Born in Pradesh, India, Dhanam wanted to chase after the possibilities of more and ran after the American Dream.

Today, he is author and co-author to multiple books—including Top Performance with Zig Ziglar and Hard Headed and Soft Hearted with Rick Belluzzo, the former President of Microsoft—and a regular speaker and CEO to the company Krish Dhanam Training International, Inc. There, he shares his story and gratitude to the land that gave him the soil to plant his dream on.

“We are three-dimensional creatures in a two-dimensional world,” Dhanam loves to say, “physical, mental, and spiritual.” Perhaps the most interesting thing about Zig Ziglar’s protege is not only his holistic approach to growth, but that he centers these all to the spiritual, without ever spelling it out. He thinks and teaches from the inside-out. In one of his LinkedIn articles, The Science Behind the Art of Persuasion, Dhanam explains the truly important in communication, “A majority of our effectiveness comes from intent and not content.” There is nothing to words and actions if there is no sincerity, and so in his talks, he often leaves it to his audience to ask about human’s spiritual nature in the Q&A portion.

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This is the same approach that can be observed in his sales and service methodology. Krish Dhanam’s expertise is in the transformation of culture from a staff development perspective. He changes from the inside-out, and instills the values of the right kind of behavior within and between his people, the “internal customers,” before extending this to the “external customers.”

To these “external customers,” Dhanam uses a simple consultative approach by first trying to see the problem through the eyes of the client. His methodology ensures that more than “making a sale,” the core principle his salespeople embody is in their acts of service, answering the question, “How can I help you get what you need?” In effect, Dhanam’s approach ensures the authenticity and sincerity between salesperson and client.

Focusing on the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Dhanam’s focus in all his transactions is that whether you win or lose, at the end of the day, both parties should be able to remain familiar and even friendly.

These two values, authenticity and sincerity, are evident in the way Dhanam carries himself as a speaker. In all his talks, he seeks to deliver his message organically to his audience’s lives. His clients, audience, and all the people in his career, are never treated as a means to an end; they are treated and respected whole—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Listen to Krish Dhanam talk about the true importance of customer experience and selling mastery at Power Up: World of CX this October 2, 2019 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura BGC. Joining him are Ralph Layosa, AJ Rocero, Josh Supan, and the veteran speaker Francis Kong from 9am-5pm. Visit and register for the conference at:

For more information you may contact: Kim at 0977-700-0093 or CJ at 0917-629-9401 or visit this page.

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