How to Keep Winning

The problem of “how to win” isn’t as challenging as “how to keep on winning”.

Staying on top is more difficult than reaching the top. But with nearly 30 years of experience in the corporate world, day-to-day bonding, and learnings from friends, advisers, other achievers, and all the books I’ve come across, it seems like it’s all about 2 things—the winner’s beautiful mind and heart.

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful thoughts bring out beautiful output. Your beautiful mind pushes you to turn things into the right perspective, it compels you to do things you’ve never done before and act based not on personal interest alone but to trigger changes. With a beautiful mind, you will never be stuck on problems, but will thrive on opportunities and constant improvement.

Is it better to have a beautiful mind rather than a brilliant mind? I suppose so, yes! While getting someone to come up with fresh, out-of-the-box and unique ideas is rare, finding the right person who can successfully and seamlessly execute ideas with continuous enhancement along the way  is more critical.

Beautiful Heart

A sincere pro-people heart brings out the best in people, encourages camaraderie, and stimulates creativity. A kind heart connects, listens, and empathizes, thus making the workspace more conducive and synergistic. When everyone is comfortable to raise their voice and express thoughts, real issues are addressed transparently and straightforwardly.

Here’s my personal recipe for staying on top, some of the most effective values and core beliefs I have always lived with, that brought me to success all these years. This didn’t just help me promote a healthy interoffice lifestyle, it helped me understand life better.

Dos and Don’ts

Don’t inform, transform.

When we speak, we don’t mandate. We engage; we inspire; we change things and thoughts for the better.

In marketing, I usually challenge my team by telling them that it’s not about creative taglines or creatively cascading a brand’s value proposition, it’s all about changing the behavior.

Don’t take people for granted. They are every company’s no. 1 asset.

There’s no such thing as the best and only, and I really avoid, if not hate, people who think they know it all or know better.

I always tell my team “none of us is better than all of us”. Everything depends on team play and team effort. Everyone is a gift and capable of being great. How great, it depends on how the talent is nurtured.

Don’t improve your life by chance but by change.

If you are in a situation, all you need to do is to adapt and move forward. If you cannot take it, change it. If you can’t change it, have the guts to endure and take it, but after all the hard and smart work, leave it and find your place.

Don’t be tolerated, be celebrated.

While we can’t please everyone and there will always be bashers and detractors, be awesome. Smile and exude positive energy. Be amiable, someone that anyone would always want to talk to and open up. Don’t be the power tripper, national offender. I believe people are basically nice and pure, so don’t test their tolerance. Just be someone who’s light and fun.

Don’t sell yourself, share your life.

In a corporate setting, I often have observed how different personalities run their race to success by selling themselves, at times up to the point of going beyond the professional norm and at the expense of others. But people who are more relaxed and at ease get the raise. Those who get busy working with and working along. We always want to stand out and we don’t want our efforts unnoticed, it’s understandable. The best way is just to be your best, blending with the rest.

Don’t just do it, do it right!

Be excellent and exemplified by doing it right. At all times, be mindful and lead by example. It is so hard to be just and fair when the distractions and pressures are all around, but there’s no greater motivation by being kind and right.

Don’t count hours, count the number of lives you touched.

It’s not about working hard or working 8-5, it’s about giving your best shot, lending a helping hand and surfacing countless achievements. At work, bridge gaps and help others, outsmart and outstretched your last accomplishments in terms of working with peers and allies.

Stop and Start

Stop assuming. Start asserting.

Deal with issues, not on the person because many are obnoxious and less friendly, and instead of tolerating and promoting office gossip, approach the concerned person head on, tactfully and professionally.

Stop complicating. Start complimenting.

Remember that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Things should be made clear and simple. The old adage “shut your mouth if you can’t say anything right” holds true.

Stop talking. Start listening.

I realize that when I talk, I repeat and share what I know and what I have learned, but when I listen, I hear more information and widen my thoughts and horizons. It is in empathic listening that we encourage others to win.

Stop networking. Start relating.  

Business is about inter-connectivity. It’s best to be surrounded by authentic, humble, and happy people who are into real long-term relationship rather than short term or one time-big time gain. Stay with those who bring out the best in you and go beyond office-hours relationships.

Stop eyeing for success, search for significance.

This is when we realize that our work isn’t just a source of livelihood but a precious gift we should always be grateful for. When we appreciate what it brings, from the simple paycheck to office relationships, everything turns into fun and play. And after we learn to enjoy each working day, we grow emotionally and start searching for more, until we reach the point of filling other’s tanks.

Staying on top means more than ingenuity, positivity, and adaptability. It means keeping your circle stronger and making others feel more comfortable and valuable.  

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