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There’s a popular saying that first impressions last, and that holds true in the workplace. And since employees are unofficial ambassadors of the companies they work for, it’s important for them to dress and look professional at all times. Whether it’s for a job interview, your first day on the job, or a company event that involves socializing, looking and feeling professional is a must for employees to make a good impression. 

In an episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network, trainer, speaker, and content creator Doreen Cooper shared some practical tips on bringing out your x-factor in the workplace. Here are some tips that she shared about how we can look and feel good in the workplace: 

1. Take care of your skin – While applying makeup can improve how we look, nothing can replace great skin quality. To maintain great skin, it’s important to drink lots of water, sleep with no makeup on, eat well, and get good sleep

2. With makeup, less is usually more – While there are some jobs that will require employees to apply more makeup, when it comes to everyday life, less is usually more when it comes to using makeup. According to Cooper, the look that employees should aspire for is you, but better. Some of her go-to makeup looks involve peach and pink-toned makeups that she uses not only in the workplace, but also for errands, online meetings, and workshops.  

3. Go with classic, timeless clothes – In terms of colors, classic clothes that never go out of style include black, white, beige, gray, and navy blue. These clothes can not only be used in the workplace, but also for leisure. It also helps to have classic pieces in your closet that can be used for different occasions, such as a black jacket, dark jeans, black slacks, and a classic white or black shirt. These clothes are timeless and can be used for a long time. Before going out, it’s important to inspect your clothes for any holes or seams that are not part of the design. 

4. The beauty of your character is most important – Even if we look and dress well, the impression that we will make in the workplace still depends on our character. To be kind to those that we meet and work with is better than any dress or suit that we will wear in our workplace, so it’s also important to showcase our best character when we go to work. 

By following these tips, you will not only look good, but also feel good, which goes a long way in making a strong impression on the people that you meet in the workplace. 

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