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Have you ever felt that you failed because you thought you were not productive enough? Do we live by the saying “The Grind Never Stops”? If our answers to these questions are all yes, we may be victims of Toxic Productivity. In another episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network, we will learn how to say no to Toxic Productivity. 

Toxic Productivity is defined as the irrational obsession for self-improvement above all else.  According to Ms. Daisy Callanta, CEO, Global Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor, HR Consultant, and Coach, there are four ways to recognize Toxic Productivity: Relentless pressure to work harder, faster, stronger to be ahead of everyone else, idolatry of work or the adverse mindset to work non-stop to the extent that it harms your overall well-being and relationship with people around you, unrealistic expectations we place upon ourselves, the longer you work, the more successful you will be, and restlessness even if it’s already time to relax we find it difficult to relax and sleep because our thoughts are constantly preoccupied with work and aspirations in life.

In today’s society, there is pressure to always be online on social media. People became driven by fear of missing out, compounded by our need for public affirmation. Sadly, we have developed an unhealthy need to impress others by trying to live up to a certain standard of our families, friends, workmates, and our current or potential employers. There is always a need to measure our self-worth based on our productivity. Here are some ways through which we can avoid toxic productivity: 

1. Recognize limitations – We now live in a world where we can be connected to different people around the world in a blink of an eye. One might think “There is nothing man cannot do. “ This is not true, we must humbly accept that we, human beings, have limitations and apart from God, we are nothing. 

2. We are unconditionally loved – Even without awards, and possessions, we are unconditionally loved by God and He made us in His own image. Knowing that we are created in God’s image affects our understanding of God and how we treat others. We are all marred by our imperfections and inadequacies but the awareness that we are created in God’s own image makes us treat ourselves and others with love, dignity, kindness, and respect.

3. Have our non-negotiables – These are things we consider essential in our lives that we can’t do without. Some may be family time or time to be alone. Whatever your non-negotiables are, fight for them! In addition, we should also know who are the most important people In our lives. Answering the simple question “Who matters to me?” can have a big impact on the choices we make. Life is too short! We should learn how to spend more moments with the most important people in our lives. They are, after all, the constant presence in our lives who will embrace us no matter what. 

4. Rest – It is okay to rest. It is essential. Take the courage to say no. Acknowledging that we have limits is not selfish, it is worship. Rest is our way of letting God know that we need Him. Rest may come in many forms.  Rest may mean a full night’s sleep or a quick power nap during the day. It can also mean reading, laughing, or spending time with our loved ones. It can also be an attitude of our heart not to be busy. Hebrews 4:9-10 says that  “For anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from His.“ God expects us to rest. When we rest, we are setting a time to love God, the people around us, and even ourselves. Resting well is loving well. 

Whenever we feel that life is overwhelming, remember that we always have to choose joy. Ecclesiastes 5:19 says that  “God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil-this is a gift of God.” God wants us to work, but He also wants us to enjoy life. 

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