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With so many companies competing in today’s market, it can be difficult for a single business to stand out. Customers will not only look for products or services that suit their needs, but will also support companies that they think will add value to themselves. With this in mind, Training and Management Consultant Mondo Castro asks businesses about how they can bring and add value to the lives of their customers and why it is important to gain their trust. 

In an episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network, Castro talks about the importance of businesses bringing and adding value to the lives of their customers. Castro quotes author John C. Maxwell, who in his book Law of Addition, stated that “people need to consciously add value to others.” Using this same logic, people who don’t add to the lives of others are actually subtracting from them, which is why the success of a business depends on its vision and its leader

Leaders, according to Castro, should add value to the people in their periphery by serving them instead of lording over them. The term “value-added service,” meanwhile, involves dispatching add-ons to your utilities in both the professional and personal level. It’s not enough to just satisfy the needs of customers, but to be excellent. Instead of merely being good, the basic building block of service is excellence, wherein the needs and expectations of customers are not only met, but exceeded

On the other hand, the the zenith of the vision of a business is to obtain fans whose needs and expectations are exceeded beyond imagining. Castro shares a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. that states that “everyone can be a great leader because everyone can serve.” He then shares an example of how a simple change in the operation of a business can add value to the lives of their customers. If one engages in people’s emotions, there will be maximum rewards. With this in mind, everyone can make a difference, and every business that engages their customers will receive these rewards. 

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