EVENT: IPSUM JPX Redefines Marketing Conferences

Marketing professionals are no strangers to conferences. In this highly saturated landscape of marketing conferences, Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) brings a unique flavor with the 50th edition of the National Marketing Conference.

IPSUM JPX is the first country-focused brand marketing conference and the 50th installation of the National Marketing Conference. PMA, in its 65th year, is tying up with Japanese brands and organizations for a first of a kind, unique experience that ties together business, marketing, and cultural exchange. 

PMA President Faith Abano states that PMA’s long legacy has lent the insight behind the event that aims to bridge marketing with not only business, but culture as well. For the team behind the event, Japan is an obvious choice due to the spread of influential Japanese brands that populate the market and Filipino’s affinity to Japanese culture and cuisine. 

Jos Ortega of Havas Media Ortega, the conference’s Overall Chairman, notes that in relation to most marketing conferences, IPSUM JPX offers a unique take by zooming in on something new and unique, which is the country-specific angle the conference is taking. 

IPSUM JPX’s Director-In-Charge, Alpha Allanigui, gives us a preview of what can be expected from the event. “Attendees to IPSUM JPX can expect to learn about [the] culture of traditional and modern Japanese that makes them tick and thrive as a nation and people; about leadership principles and ways of working that is best-in-class; and about innovation that exudes progress, forward-thinking and  attentiveness and anticipation to the needs of consumers,” said Allanigui. 

The conference will not only be discussing topics like leadership and innovation, but the Japanese culture as well. These three topics make up the tracks of IPSUM JPX. 

All Nippon Airways’s Takahiro Kimura, Certified KonMari Consultant Christine Dichiao, and Okada Manila’s Takashi Oya, will be giving talks on specific facets of Japanese culture for the Culture Track of the conference. For the Leadership Track, Canon Marketing Philippines’s Kazuhiro Ozawa, Philippine Wacoal Corporation’s Ann Chistine Palisoc, and Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines’s Masako Okamura will be sharing their insights and expertise with the crowd. Philippine FamilyMart CVS’s Henry Albert Falludon is also slated to give a talk for the Innovation Track. 

L-R: Faith Abaño (Philippine Marketing Association, President), Orly Ballesteros (IPSUM, JPX), Committee Chair for Sales and Sponsorship), Alpha Allanigui (IPSUM JPX, Director-in-Charge)

With Abano, Allanigui, and IPSUM JPX’s Committee Chair for Sales and Sponsorship Orly Ballesteros on the spotlight, the audience asks what are to look forward to in IPSUM JPX. “Something that PMA always strives to give when we launch IPSUM JPX is to be best in class, first of a kind, and a unique experience all the attendees can enjoy,” says PMA President Faith Abano. 

Ballesteros creatively sums up what attendees should look forward to in three Japanese words, most notable of which, is kaizen, a Japanese principle of continuous improvement when it comes to business. 

Allanigui shares that this is only the start for IPSUM. “[IPSUM JPX] is just the beginning, because we want to bring the world to the Philippines, one country at a time.” 

Catch this first of its kind, unique event this September 19 from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm at Okada Manila. For tickets and other details about the event, you may visit the PMA website here.

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