EVENT: 5 Game-Changers to Look Forward to in Power Up: World of CX

The world is becoming more digital by the minute. Even customer experience is highly affected by technology. Success Options Inc. and Inspire Leadership Consultancy bring you Power Up: World of CX with 5 game-changers to provide you with all that you need to know about customer experience and its shift in digital space. This congregation of innovators is scheduled on October 2, 2019 from 9am to 5pm at Samsung Hall, SM Aura BGC.

The world of customer experience is an ever changing challenge. Now that we are in the era of digital technology and artificial intelligence, it’s an even bigger lesson to master. Give yourself and your company the edge it needs to stay on top of the line. 

Here are game-changing talks to power up your customer experience:

Engagement Commerce

Let’s ask the hard questions: how do we win on e-commerce? Innovative and low-cost, yes, but also extremely saturated. This selling platform is a looping riddle that seems to have no answer. 

Speaker, Josh Supan, Founder and CEO of Xpanse, deconstructs online selling to provide us with tools needed to stay on top. Marketing strategies are unique in every industry but this innovative discussion is sure to provide every marketer with that “Eureka!” moment.

The Retail Revolution

Integrating AI in retail is inevitable. Even brick and mortar stores need to keep up with technology and the generation it nurtures. Everyone who has handled, worked for, or worked in a physical store knows the difficulty in its maintenance. With the digital era, however, we now have designs that empower and provide business owners with an undeniable edge. Raphael Layosa, CEO of Retailgate (RTL Gate Technologies Inc.), dissects the ins and outs of technology that provides businesses access to crucial assets such as information on customer traffic and dwell time. It’s time to get on with the times and grab the opportunities of the technological advantage available to us.

Selling Mastery

Selling requires persuasion, but how do we maximize its use? Renowned Executive Coach Speaker Krish Dhanam provides us with an in-depth discussion on how to do just that.

From mastering the art form that is selling through the psychological techniques of combining the logical and creative parts of your brain, to much more, Krish Dhanam equips participants with tools to improve their selling techniques.

Human-Centered Design

Where do we start on maximizing customer experience? AJ Rocero, Sales Director of Regus and Spaces by IWG, explores the first step in doing that. Awareness is key and that’s where we’ll start. Understanding the true power of learning the needs, dreams, and behaviors of our consumers is the first step to conquering the business world.

Designing programs and solutions around what the people need and want will provide businesses a clear view of what is the most likely to work.

Transformational Journey

Francis Kong, one of the most respected business speakers in the country, will talk about a very powerful driving force of change: culture. 

“Make that [thinking like a customer] a culture in the entire organization.” Francis Kong shares with Workwise Asia. It’s vital to understand how your customer thinks and feels. To know the “whys” is to obtain an edge over your competitors. Leadership is also something that plays a crucial role in this digital world. They are the foundation with which you propel success and Francis Kong will divulge the exclusive on Power Up: World of CX.

Don’t miss out on the innovation of customer experience. Visit and register for the conference at: http://powerup.ph/. This conference is a must for all professionals and business owners who want to optimize the power of customer experience. From agents to executives in the sales industry, entrepreneurs in the service industry, and leaders who want to make a difference in their companies; this conference is sure to be both insightful and practical.

You may avail of the regular rate at PHP 3,850 or group rate for PHP PHP 3,465 for groups of 5 PAX and above.

For more information you may contact: Kim at 0977-700-0093 or CJ at 0917-629-9401 or visit this page.

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