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Nigh is the Yuletide season! Get your Amber’s Pichi Pichi and Starbucks stickers ready, because Christmas is about to truly be in our hearts. Christmas is not about those though. There are so many things to look forward to this season: it’s the time we can gather with our family and friends and be grateful for all the blessings that the past year has given us. Another important thing to look forward to is celebrating with your family at work in your company’s annual Christmas party. 

Usually, office Christmas parties are grand celebrations to give credit to all the hard-working employees that have given their service to the company. Here are some ideas to make your company Christmas party even more memorable to the people who have given their all in the past year: 

Throw a Themed Party

Company Christmas Party Ideas |

It’s always nice to break away from the routine and do something exciting to mark a special event. Instead of throwing run-of-the-mill Christmas parties, try setting up a theme for your co-workers to follow! It could range from simple themes like dressing in “ugly” Christmas sweaters and wearing matching items of clothing like festive hats or scarves, or you can pick a more unique theme like dressing up as your co-worker or boss! Other ideas could be flipping the season on its head and using a tropical theme, or sticking to the classic winter wonderland type of shindig. The possibilities are endless!

Gift the Necessities 

Company Christmas Party Ideas |

As Christmas is a time for giving, company party giveaways are a staple at every office Christmas gathering. Instead of the usual company-logo-monogrammed pen, notebook, or noche buena bundle (which is still great, no shade), try adding other items to the goodie bag. Necessities are always appreciated when received. If you can make the gifts more meaningful by addressing what your employees or co-workers need, that would make it even more special. Say, for the new mom in accounting, baby diapers would be a great gift. Or for your teammate who lives all the way in Rizal, ride-hailing app gift certificates would be a lifesaver. Even nicely packaged utensils would make a great stocking-stuffer so people wouldn’t need disposable spoons and forks for their lunch! There are so many ways to make your Christmas giveaways even more special for the people who make every work day special. 

Kris Kringle to Increase Excitement

Company Christmas Party Ideas |

Aside from giving goodie bags at the Christmas party itself, Kris Kringle is a great way to build up excitement and have something to look forward to when the Christmas season draws near. You can set up a budget, draw names, and have a weekly anonymous gifting system in the weeks leading up to the big event. Themes could be as simple as “something red,” “something heavy,” and “something festive.” You could even opt to have more unique themes such as “something that reminds me of you” or “something I think you need.” It all depends on what everyone agrees on.

To help make the exchange of gifts easier, there’s also this website called that makes the process even easier. You can set up the names, budgets, and wish lists all online!

Group Performances 

Company Christmas Party Ideas |

Another thing that can help boost excitement for the big night is organizing group performances per department so your party has a little program! These performances can range from group caroling to full-on musical numbers that are sure to delight all the attendees. Giving out prizes to those who stole the show could also be a great way of boosting morale among employees. Who knows, you might find a secret superstar among your roster of colleagues!

Outreach Activity

Company Christmas Party Ideas |

Aside from throwing a traditional Christmas party, you can also opt to celebrate the holiday season with the charity of your choice by organizing an outreach activity! As of late, times have been difficult for some people and giving back, even by just throwing a little gathering, can be a great help to those in need. You can also opt to set up a Christmas donation corner in your workplace and give all the goodies you’ve collected to the charitable organization of your choice come December. There are so many different ways to help, but giving is one of the most accessible ways to lift someone’s spirits during the Christmas season. 

At the end of the day, Christmas is truly about the spirit of loving and giving. It’s a time to be with the people you care about and thank them for all that they’ve done for you in the past year, and throwing an office Christmas party is a simple way to show your gratitude. Do you have any unique office Christmas party themes or stories to share? Comment below! We’d love to hear them. Merry Christmas!

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