Commitment as a Frontliner, Mother, and Child of God – Plus Talks With Dr. Ninia Rodil 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our frontliners and healthcare workers have consistently received praise for their commitment and sacrifices to serve their fellow Filipinos. They are constantly at risk of contracting the virus when working in hospitals, quarantine facilities, and when talking to and helping COVID-19 patients.

Just like many of our frontliners, dentist and healthy living advocate Dr. Ninia Rodil has also made sacrifices during the pandemic. In an episode of PLUS Talks, she gave us a glimpse of her daily life not only as a doctor, mother, and child of God. Dr. Ninia admitted that it is challenging to be on the frontline in the battle against COVID-19. 

The toughest parts of being in the frontline, according to Dr. Ninia, include preparing at home, reaching the quarantine facility, staying in the office, doing rounds, taking to COVID-19 patients, and even donning and taking off their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). What makes the pandemic challenging is that she and other frontliners are caught between trying to help and trying to get away from being infected by the virus for their safety and the safety of their families. 

However, Dr. Ninia states that frontliners have a sense of accountability to the Filipino people and the country. She adds that if doctors don’t respond to the call, who will? Dr. Ninia, who is also a dentist to celebrities, sees commitment as a binding pledge which obligates individuals to do something difficult. It invokes a strong feeling of intent and is always accompanied by a statement of purpose. For her, commitment has nothing to do with “someone should do it,” but more of “someone who is committed must do it,” which is also how she sees serving as a frontliner. 

Dr, Ninia emphasizes that as a doctor, she is committed to give the best care for her patients. As a mother, she is committed to nurture, protect, and give whatever her children need. And as a child of God, she is committed to do more than what is expected of her. She adds that commitment is something that comes with maturity, and that as we grow old, we become more committed to what we do because we do it for God’s glory. 

Moreover, Dr. Ninia also sees commitment as strength, because she and other frontliners are able to do things that seem impossible. She also sees commitment as a gift because she is able to do things that are difficult with flying colors. Her commitment as a doctor and frontline means that she needs to do her best, because she is doing it for God. This commitment started when she graduated and continues today as she serves her parents because she knows that there is someone checking on her and what she does. 

She acknowledges that individuals are imperfect and if she gives everything, all things work together for the good of those who love him. Commitment, according to Dr. Ninia, is the key to happiness and gives peace of mind and she personally stays committed by reading the Bible, asking for God’s message and listening to Him, and obeying what He wants her to do. She believes that it is easier to please God instead of men, and that her commitment is to do whatever God wants her to do and be whatever God wants her to be

Finally, she says that her commitment as a frontliner, mother, and child of God is not just a promise that she makes to do something, but involves dedication and the ability to work hard. For more inspiring stories, life lessons, and words of wisdom from industry leaders, watch PLUS Talks or visit PLUS Network on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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