How can we construct a positive experience for ourselves? – Breaktime Breakthroughs 

In an episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network, training and Management Consultant Mondo Castro shares how you can construct a positive experience for yourself.

How can we address financial issues in a marriage and before marriage? – FUNDamentals

In an episode of FUNDamentals on Plus Network, registered financial planner (US-based global certification) Edric Mendoza talks about the cost of the breakup of a marriage while identifying ways for people to avoid this before they can get married.

How Can I Communicate My Best Self Online? – Breaktime Breakthroughs

In this episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs on Plus Network, Ms. Doreen Cooper, Trainer, Speaker, and Content Creator shares a fun and informative discussion about social media and how we can present our best selves online.

Servant Leadership: How do we Discover our True Purpose and Calling? – Breaktime Breakthroughs

In another episode of Breaktime Breakthroughs, France Acu discusses how servant leaders can uncover their purpose and true calling. 

On balancing her different roles – Plus Talks With Consul Annette Ablan

In an episode of Plus Talks, Ablan shares how she keeps a good balance between her role as an Honorary Consul, as a volunteer, advocate, and as a mother and grandmother to her family.

What are the true goals of Customer Service? – Breaktime Breakthroughs

In an episode of Breaktime Breakthrough on Plus Network, training and management consultant Mondo Castro unpacks this quote and shares the true meaning of the S in Customer Service.

How can I become a better Public Speaker? – Breaktime Breakthroughs

In an episode ofBreaktime Breakthroughson Plus Network, Cooper shared some tips on how one can get better as a public speaker

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